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Garb the World

Garb the World has been in business for decades custom-making historical and religous costumes here in the USA. Stitchers are paid a living wage and we are known for our outstanding customer-service, attention to detail, and flexibility.

We custom-make hundreds of different styles of costumes and have dozens of items in-stock, ready-to-ship

To see everything we custom-make look at our catalog under Products.

Ready-made items can be found here, as well as on individual product pages.

We have one of the largest selections of period shoes offered for reasonable prices.

We also sell a lot of our materials, including trim by the yard and clasps.

Our clients for our medieval costumes and renaissance dress include participants in historical reenactors, Larp, ren fest, biblical plays, theatre, fraternities, knights. Costumes for the world.

By Historical Time period

Biblical  /  Egyptian  /  Greek  /  Roman  /  Jutes  /  Briton  /  Arthurian  /  Vandals  /  Franks  /  Norman  /  Visigoth  /  Saxon  /  Viking  /  Medieval  /  Renaissance

By Group

SCA  /  Adrian Empire  /  Markland  /  Dagorhir  /  Amtgard  /  Nero  /  Belegart  /  Mystic Realm

LARP costumes

By Outfit

Basic/First Time  /  Folk Witch  /  Vampire  /  Pirate Captain  /  Scholar  /  Mongolian  /  Renaissance Lady  /  Renaissance Man  /  Anglo Norman Female/ Medieval Fancy Dress  /  Anglo Norman Tunic/ Fancy Tunic  /  Anglo Saxon Male  /  Anglo Saxon Female/ Medieval Dress  /  Arthurian  /  Guinevere  /  Archer  /  Imperial Roman Lady  /  Roman Britan Lady  /  Roman Soldier  /  Viking Lady  /  Viking Man  /  Jute Female  /  Jute Male  /  Egyptian Female  /  Egyptian Male  /  Jesus  /  Mary  /  Joseph  /  Fraternity robes  /  Vacation Bible School  /  Renaissance Faire Costumes  /  Movie Costumes

And more

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Garb the World
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