Renessaince Male Outfit

Renessaince Male Outfit

Going to the Faire and want to know what to wear? Renaissance Pleasure Faires usually celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth I during the 16th century. This was the time of Shakespere and frilly collars for the upper classes.

The lower classes wore simpler clothes. We have put together a few of our items appropriate for 16th century Faire wear, at a discount for buying them all together.

Our Ren Faire Male Outfit consists of a Shirt with Collar, Short Vest with Flaps, Drawstring Pants, Flat Cap, and Buckle belt.

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Made in USA

Order a monks robe item ready made, ready to ship

Design your own Faire Costume

Starting at $225

If you have any concerns mention them in the comments of the shopping basket or send us email. Note, this is a CUSTOM-made item and will take up to 6 weeks to ship.


        Please see our measurement pages
Send short breeches, not pants.