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Christmas Story

The biblical story of Christmas involves the birth of Jesus.

The story usually begins with Joseph and Mary (the mother or Jesus and her husband) looking for a place to stay. They have returned to their home town of Bethlehem for the census and all the inns are full. The innkeeper lets them sleep in his stable, and it is there that Jesus is born. There were Shepherds in the fields, and three Kings or Wise Men came to pay homage to the child. Angels appeared and sang, a young drummer boy played and village people rejoiced.

Not all were happy; King Herod was none too pleased, nor were some High Priests, Roman Soldiers, and other village people.

mary costume


The mother of Jesus wears a simple muslin underdress with a keyhole neck and long sleeves. Over this is worn a blue or brown Overtunic and a (traditional) blue veil. This outfit is common to females of this period. For plays a large outfit will fit many people; there was no particular fitting for biblical costumes.

$155 $132



Joesph's outfit consists of a muslin undertunic. Over top is worn a long brown vest and a blue Wide Sash. A muslin Veil and leather veilholder can be added to the ensemble.

$165 $155


Add Veil and Veilholder: $25.00
angel costume


Our Angel outfit consists of a white velvet Simple Robe with a scoop neck,and pointed Angle-wing sleeves, and a rope belt. A wood crosscan be added.



Add Wood Cross: $10.00
wise man costume

King/Wise Man

B005 Our (first) King Wise Man outfit consists of a Velvet Open Robe fully lined in satin (including full sleeves and hood), and trim on the sleeves and hem and double on the opening. Large Celtic Knot Clasp included.


shepherd costume


Our Shepherd outfit consists of a muslin undertunic, rope belt, and rope sandals.



Add matching Veil and Leather Veilholder: $20.00

King Herod

B006 Our King Herod outfit consists of a Dalmaca in Eggplant Purple, with period-style key trim and a white Toga.

$205 $175

Roman Soldier

B007 Our Roman Soldier outfit consists of a red light weight Roman Tunic, rope belt long enough to cross chest, a black Roman Cape and brass penecular. Also perfect for the village extras.

$105 $90

Village Women

Gowns worn by women of the village. Click on picture to order.
G0060 G0056 G0058 G0088 G0091 G0109

Romans and Jewish Townsfolk

Clothing worn by local men at the time of Jesus.
G0090 G0093 G0088 G0087 G0065

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