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Moses Story

The biblical story of Moses starts before he was born, in 1527 B.C. to Jochebed, who was a Levite (Jewish) slave. At the time Pharoah had ordered that all male children born to Hebrew slaves should be killed. Jochebed sent her son Moses down the Nile in a small boat, where he was found by Pharoah's daughter and raised as a prince.

Moses grew up and had an interesting life, which included talking to God as a burning bush, and leading the Hebrews out of Egypt (through the parted Red Sea) and into Israel.

We offer several costumes from the Moses story, including Jochebed, Pharoah, Bithiah (Pharaoh's daughter), Moses (as an adult), Moses brother Aaron, and various other Egyptian and Hebrew costumes.

  • Moses

  • Jochebed

  • Bithiah

  • High Slave

  • Low Slave


Our Moses outfit is a cotton robe and abaya and wide sash.
$175$150 B014


The mother of Moses wore a dress similar to our overtunic.

$35 B015


Our Pharaoh costume is a complete Egyptian Pharaoh outfit, including with a Long Schenti with leopard skin trim and matching leather Pendent Belt, leather Neck Piece and Wrist Bracers.

This outfit is made in white with red leather (as pictured).

$299 B016


Our Egyptian Pharaoh daughter outfit comes with a sheath gown, a Kalasiris, Egyptian collar, and trim belt.

This outfit is made in your choice of colors with a gold satin Egyptian collar and key trim.

$95 B017

High Slave

Our white polycotton Pleated Schenti is appropriate costume for the Egyptian, Hebrew, Jewish high slaves in the Moses story.

$25 B018

Low Slave

Our leather pendent may have been worn by slaves in this period. This costume is not appropriate for most church plays.

$199 B019
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