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Proper adult women usually wore some sort of headcovering during most Medieval periods, including the Vikings, Celts, Britons and Jutes. Our peaked kerchief (or hat) ties under the chin, although the ties are often left undone. Worn appropriately with the Viking Apron Dress, the Viking tube dress or with any Medieval combination of underdress and over tunic.

A peaked kerchief (or hat) which ties under the chin.

Worn in many medieval periods, including Viking, Celts, Britons, Jutes.

This medieval headcovering is perferct for SCA or LARP events and can also be worn as a Renaissance costume.

  • Kerchief


Made in USA

Design your own Kerchief

Starting at $20

If you have any concerns mention them in the comments of the shopping basket or send us email. Note, this is a CUSTOM-made item and will take up to 6 weeks to ship.

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