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Aprons have always been used to protect the more expensive outer garments from dirt and wear. This historical costume was worn during many periods - from the ancient, to Medieval, Middle Ages, and Renaissance - from which our modern aprons are derived.

This is a simple apron that encircles the waist and ties in back. It is made of medium weight cotton, and so provides good protection. Not just worn by peasants but also the other working classes. Can be worn at Faire, for LARP, at an SCA event, or in your play, theatre, kitchen or workshop. Our Apron is long, extending from the waist almost to the feet (in order to protect that skirt or dress from the grime of daily chores). Beside its more utilitarian purposes, this piece adds embellishment to any outfit.

Trim can be added to border the side and bottom hems.


Made in USA

Design your own Apron

Starting at $30

If you have any concerns mention them in the comments of the shopping basket or send us email. Note, this is a CUSTOM-made item and will take up to 6 weeks to ship.

    Please see our measurement page

Add Trim:
Add Trim to hem & sides: $20.00

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