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Viking Apron Dress

Viking Apron Dress

This is a jumper-like dress worn by Norse Vikings and by other folk of earlier periods. The dress is close fitting to the waist and then flares out to the hem. The flares are accomplished by gores inset between the dress panels.

There is only 1 inch of ease added to the bust/waist measurement which makes the top of this apron dress fit VERY snug. If you want a less snug fit, add additional ease to your measurements and choose that size.

This dress is 3/4 length, usually 8-10 inches shorter than the underdress. Perfect for SCA, LARP or Viking reenactment costumes.

The straps are made from fabric. Trim can be added to the straps and along the top and bottom hem. You can also order with no straps if you wish to add your own braid or trim for straps. The straps come sewn on in the back but left free in the front for you to adjust to your size.

Usually worn with an Underdress and kerchief.

To get an accurate fit: you will need to provide your full chest measurement, your waist measurement, your hip measurement, the measurement from dress top to your waist, the measurement from your waist to hem, and an over-the-bust measurement. To get the dress top to your waist measurement: Measure from the top of the bust (where you would like the top front of the apron dress to sit) down over the bust point and to the waist.

  • Pictured:Viking Apron dress with trim on top edge, straps, Underdress, Early period turnshoe

    Viking Apron Dress


Made in USA

Customize a Viking Apron Dress

Starting at $85

If you have any concerns mention them in the comments of the shopping basket or send us email. Note, this is a CUSTOM-made item and will take up to 6 weeks to ship.

-- Measure from top of the bust (where the the top front of the apron dress will sit) down over the bust point to the waist

Add Trim:
    Add trim over shoulders: $15.00

    Add trim on top: $15.00
    Add trim around hem: $20.00

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