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Circular Veil

Double Skirt

Double skirt has a light weight fabric underskirt and your choice of a medium weight cotton or cotton blend fabric for the overskirt. It looks great (and appropriate) with a Chemise, T-Tunic or Shirt with Collar. Skirts are sewn together at the drawstring (or elastic) waist. A fitted waist with a hook-and-eye fastening can be added. For a great peasant skirt look, bring up the sides of the over skirt and tuck them into the waist! Trim can be added around the hem of the overskirt.


Made in USA

Order item ready made, ready to ship

Design your own

Starting at $63

If you have any concerns mention them in the comments of the shopping basket or send us email. Note, this is a CUSTOM-made item and will take up to 6 weeks to ship.

  Add Trim around bottom hem: $25.00      
Add Muslin or Burlap Pouch (additional $5.00).
Add Muslin or Burlap Pouch (additional $5.00).

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