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Ring belt

Leather Two Ring Belt

The rings are one and a half inches wide.

In addition to the terminating ring, a second ring is placed at the back of the belt.

As the belt is made from 2 different pieces of leather, it can be made from 2 different colors. Specify which color(s) you want for each part of the belt.

This is handy for attaching hanging items as well as being decorative. It also allows for larger belts.

Purposely cut long enough so that the end hangs down several inches in the classic medieval belt style.

Very versatile: from belting a monk's robe to cinching up a wench's skirt to girding the tunic of a warrior.

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Made in USA

Order a Victorian Cape ready made, ready to ship

Design your own

Starting at $40

Waist Size:     Please see our measurement page
                Note: we can not make belts larger than the hide
                (70-90" max, depending on availability).

Ring Color:

Belt Color -- Ring end to center:
Belt Color -- Center to tongue end:

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