Historical and Religious Costumes

Fabrics, Trims, and Clasps

Since we purchase our fabric in the Los Angeles fabric district we are able to offer a large selection of colours and fabrics for reasonable prices.

  • We have Cottons, Light Weight cottons, velvets, fleece, satin, muslin, gauze, Wool Plaid and Fleece plaid
  • We purchase Made in USA fabric for all cottons except a few colors (e.g. red, purple).
  • There are variations in the color in the medium cottons. This is because they are mostly 100% cotton and from different mills and dye lots.
  • If you would like to see and feel our fabric before you order, we can send you a swatch card.

    Medium Weight Cotton

    Our solid medium weight fabrics are 100% cotton Made in USA except for a few of the colours that were made elsewhere and may have a slight polyester blend. If you have to have 100% cotton mention in the comments in the shoopping cart.

  • Our medium weight fabrics are used for cloaks, robes, tunics, pants, dresses, shirts, skirts, dresses, and much more.
  • Washing Instructions: Machine wash cool, machine dry cool. Do not bleach. Can be ironed.

  • The cotton colors that are consistent:

    Black, White, Brown, Tan, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Pink

    Cotton color fabric

    The cotton colors that are not consistent and a few of the variations

    Gray, blue, red, yellow/gold, green, purple

    Cotton color fabric

    Lightweight Polycotton

    Our solid, light weight colors are polycottons (65% polyester/35% cotton) made in rich, vibrant, colors. The colors do not vary (much).

  • Used for veils, wrap dresses, chemises, Persian pants, undertunics, underdresses, Egyptian shifts, chitons and many more quality garments.
  • Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm, machine dry cool. Do not bleach. Can be ironed.
  • Black, White, Gray, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow/Gold, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Lavender, Purple


    We offer several styles of plaid tartan material. Unfortunately we are not able to obtain specific plaid patterns or 100% wool very often. We do attempt to have plaid that looks as historical as possible. We are always updating our plaids and the patterns change slightly. We keep a 'red', 'blue' and 'brown' in stock. The pattern may not be exactly as pictured.

    We also have fleece material with a plaid print.

  • Our Regular plaids are a medium weight. They are used for cloaks, kilts, tunics, pants, and dresses.
  • Washing Instructions for plaid: Machine wash cold water. Drip dry or lay flat to dry. Do not bleach.
  • Brown Red Blue Red/Green Fleece Plaid Brown Fleece Plaid

    Our muslin fabric is 100% cotton produced from carded cotton. Muslin orginated in Bangledesh and was introduced to Western Europe in the 17th century. Our muslin comes from Pakistan. Unbleached muslin it is an offwhite/beige color and looks like unbleached cotton.

  • Muslin is commonly used for underdresses, under tunics, shirts, leinas, biblical robes and veils.
  • Washing instructions for muslin: Machine wash cool, machine dry. Do not bleach. Can be ironed.

  • Our panne velvet is soft and silky and comes in deep, rich colors. Our velvet is a medium weight of 10-14 ounces.

  • Panne velvet is used for cloaks, monks robes, wizard robes, dresses and sashes.
  • Washing instructions for panne velvet: Machine wash cool, drip dry. Do not bleach. Do not ironed.
  • Blakc, White, Ivory, Gray, Brown, Rust, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Hunter Green, Sage Green, Gold, Pink, Red, Burgundy

    Polar fleece is soft and very warm. Thick and fuzzy. Not period, but looks passible.

  • Our fleece is used for cloaks, ponchos and cozy fleece robes. Also used to line cloaks, monks robes, wizard robes, pants, and blankets.
  • Washing instructions for Polar Fleece:Machine wash cool, machine tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron.
  • Black, White, Grey, Brown, Yellow/Gold, Red, Green, Blue, Purple

    Fleece fabric colors

    Our satin charmeuse is silky and smooth satin in vibrant colors.

  • Used for elegant cloaks, robes and capes. Also for lining cloaks, lining fancy monks and fancy wizard robes, and fancy capes.
  • Washing instructions for satin: Machine wash cold water, drip dry. Do not bleach. Iron cool setting.
  • White, Black, Grey, Lavender, Purple, Light Blue, Blue, Hunter Green, Sage Green, Lime Green, Gold, Pink, Red

    Satin fabric colors

    Our cotton gauze is light weight and flows well.

  • Used for robes, skirts, chemises, undershirts.
  • Washing instructions for gauze: Machine wash cold water, drip dry. Do not bleach. Iron cool setting.
  • Black, White, Ivory, Brown, Purple, Lavender, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red
    Gauze fabric colors


    Clasps to close your cloaks and robes. Click on picture for clasp options.


    Beautiful, great color Trims that will wonderfully accent all garments and add flair and finesse. Click on picture for trim options.