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The Anglo-Saxons

The Anglo-Saxons were the populous of England from the mid 5th century when the Germatic tribes of the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes travelled to England. The end of the Anglo-Saxon times is the Battle of Hastings or the conquest of William in 1066. To learn more about the history, check out the historical timeline which also has a map illustrating the movement of the Angles, Saxons, and other tribes. This picture is taken from a manuscript illustrated about 1050. They are wearing overtunics (probably of wool) slightly fitted with long sleeves. A linen shirt was probably worn underneath. The lady's tunic has a semi-cirular mantle. The Anglo-Saxons were known for their skill in embroidery and tablet weaving.
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Anglo-Saxon Woman

The evidence of what Anglo-Saxon women wore comes from illustrated manuscripts and tapestries. In general their costumes consisted of a linen underdress, and an overdress made of wool or heavy linen. They wore a wimple and veil.

Pictured: Lady of the ninth century, from Joseph Strutt, published originally in England in 1862. Countess Judith of flanders, from the Bayeux tapestry.

Anglo-Saxon Male

Anglo-Saxon males wore tunics with trim and tight fitting braise or pants. They wore wool cloaks that were fastened with pins.

Great seal of Edward the Confessor pictured.

Anglo-Saxon Female Outfit Special

Anglo-Saxon Male Outfit Special

Some interesting links

electronic Beowulf project. In 890 of King Alfred the Great had the Anglo-Saxon Chroniclers compiled. This document is the ultimate timeline of British history from its beginnings up to the end of the reign of King Stephen in 1154. The chronicler is over 100,000 words. Wychurst is the title of a project by Regia Anglorum to reconstruct a Manorial Burgh from the turn of the first millennium after Christ. This place is on 2 acres in Kent.
"449 In this year Mauricius and Valentinian obtained the Kingdom and reigned seven years. In their days Hengest and Horsa, invited by Vortigern, King of the Britons, came to Britain at a place called Ebbsfleet at first to help the Britons, but later they fought against them. The king ordered them to fight against the Picts, and so they did and had victory wherever they came. They then sent to Angeln; ordered them to send them more aid and to be told of the worthlessness of the Britons and of the excellence of the land. They sent them more aid. These men came from three nations of Germany: from the Old Saxons, from the Angles, from the Jutes." Anglo-Saxon Chroniclers

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