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Two Color Scarf Knit Pattern

Garb The World has a knitting pattern for making two color scarfs (Thanks Andy!). The references are to the instruction book for the Ultimate Sweater Machine that we purchased at Michael's . Only a few Micheals carry the machine, you can call the Bond company (contact info on their web site) for locations near you that sell the machine. They also sell it online. We have nothing to do with them, we just like their machine.

The Pattern

You will need 3 oz of yarn for each color - this translates to two medium sized balls. You can purchase acrylic yarn at many places (e.g. Walmart, JoAnne Fabric, Michaels). Good wool is easy to find in most independent yarn shops.

  • Cast on 45 stitches in Burgundy (Claret)
  • Knit 24 rows (approximately 4")
  • Change to Gold (Gold)
  • Repeat until there are 17 stripes. The last stripe should be Burgundy
  • Bind off using chain stitch (page 17 in book)
  • Seam up the side using the grafting/invisible seam technique.
  • Lay scarf flat with seam along one side and add fringe at each end, using 2 strads of 12 inch yarn (approximate) for each fringe and alternating colrs as shown below. There will be 7 fringes on each end.
  • Lay the fringe out flat and trim ends until even.

    Enjoy your new scarf!

    This pattern was created for Garb The World and is Copyright 2001 - Permission is given for it to be used by anyone. Please let us know how yours looks.

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